New tram line: Neder-Over-Heembeek

since 2018      City of Brussels

Brussels is developing rapidly. New residential areas, commercial zones and businesses are emerging and this development must be sustainable. That’s why we are devoting a great deal of attention to public transport and cycling. In 2018, the Brussels government decided to connect Tour & Taxis to the North station and the city centre by creating a new tram line. This tram line offers a perfect answer to the mobility challenges of tomorrow and helps to make Brussels a sustainable, healthier and welcoming city.

In addition to the new tram line along the site of Tour & Taxis, another tram line has been constructed in the Brussel Canal Zone, which is in full development. A new tram line starting from Van Praet will be constructed and will connect the site of the Military Hospital in Neder-Over-Heembeek to Place Rogier. 

Also this part of Brussels is currently showing very dynamic, with additional housing, schools, sports infrastructure and economic activities. For example, bpost plans to build a new national parcel centre and Solvay will transform its Rue de Ransbeek facility into a new Research & Development hub, connected to the ULB and VUB.