Small ring cycle paths

  since 2016   Brussel-Stad, Sint-Joost-ten-Node, Elsene, Sint-Gillis, Anderlecht

The small ring was a real motorway in the city centre, with little or no space for pedestrians and cyclists. This project gives a whole new look to a heritage from an era when cars dominated the streets. In addition to the creation of cycle paths, parallel roads will also be redesigned to give priority to cyclists and pedestrians. This project is a historic part of the current transformation of Brussels.

The public space along the small ring is currently being completely redesigned. In order to improve the quality of life, a lot of attention has been given to pedestrians and cyclists. Thanks to a much clearer traffic situation, the circulation of transit traffic on the main road and in the tunnels will improve. 

The last permit for this inner ring project, for the part between Boulevard du Jardin Botanique and Place Quetelet, was obtained in July 2018. This marked the end of four years of important planning and administrative work. After the elaboration of the plans and the consultation rounds with comments and adjustments to the plans, all building permits were obtained. Currently, the works are in full progress and have already been completed in several places. The Brussels small ring is transforming from an open car drain into an inviting city boulevard with plenty of space for pedestrians and cyclists and with many more trees and bushes.

It is not only a historic urban development project in Brussels, it is also a symbolic one because the inner ring was the perfect example of a city that was entirely dedicated to cars. This project is a definitive ending of this car-centred city planning and a beginning of a new Brussels. A Brussels for people!