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Tristero settles in studio house Gallait and again summer residencies in the community centres

Tristero settles in studio house Gallait and again summer residencies in the community centres

“Tristero is an enitrely Brussels-based theatre company. I am convinced that it will turn the Gallait studio house into a lively and open space. After the young energy of K.A.K., we pass the house on to the slightly more established energy of Tristero in the coming years," says Pascal Smet.

Tristero moves into 80 Rue Gallait

In January the Flemish Community Commission (VGC) launched an open call for the management and use of the Schaerbeek artist studio at 80 Rue Gallait. Until recently, the young artists’ collective K.A.K. was working in the house and in September Tristero will move in to stay until the end of 2025.

This Brussels theatre company came out on top from a selection of eight files assessed by an advisory committee composed of members of the arts working group and local partners De Kriekelaar and TransfoCollect.

The aim is to open the doors as much as possible to other artists and arts organisations, international residencies, young people from the neighbourhood and local partners such as a school and the nearby community centre De Kriekelaar. Tristero wants to turn Gallait into a playground, a place of imagination, an art workshop and a place where people can connect with each other.

The building has five studio rooms, a studio apartment and a reception and presentation area.

“Tristero is really looking forward to living and working in and from the house at 80 Rue Gallait in the coming years. In the Gallait studio house, we will have the opportunity to invent and reflect together with various artists and organisations. A place where we hope to bring together our audience, the various neighbourhood residents, and also unexpected guests. Gallait 80 is a great dream, a multidisciplinary studio building with in-house dramaturgy, a house with new stories and new images, modelled on the surrounding reality,” says theatre company Tristero.

Free Space: summer residencies in our community centres

In April, the 22 Brussels community centres (N22) and “Kunstenwerkplaats” launched an open call for “Free Space”. During the summer period many community centres go outside, into the neighbourhoods, and as a result various locations are not used optimally. During this period these centres solve this issue by offering their space to artists. In this way, the selected artists can use a workspace to develop their artistic project or research.

Once again, the artists’ needs appear to be high, with no less than 90 applications. 69 artists were offered a place in one of the community centres. There is a great diversity among the artists: circus, dance, theatre, performance, visual artists, musicians, multimedia,... Also, starting artists and artists with a clear link to Brussels are supported.

“COVID has disrupted many schedules, which is why many artists were still looking for additional rehearsal spaces. Therefore we make the community centres of the Flemish Community Commission “VGC” available for artists, as much as possible. That way we ensure that Brussels remains one of the artistic hotspots in the world. If we want Brussels to be the cultural capital in 2030, we have to continue to support them and give them opportunities,” says Pascal Smet. 

Choreographer and dancer Femke Gyselinck: "These spaces are essential in order to work well. I have to be able to move around and display my research. I was really happy with the open call.” Femke Gyselinck is developing the “Gymnastics of the Mind” project in the community centres.

Beatmaker and DJ Joycie Ruba on 100% Free Space: "It inspires me to be in a completely different location, somewhere alone in a big room. It is a different vibe than sitting at home in the same atmosphere.” Joycie Ruba is working on a project called “Sisterhood”. She is composing the music for a group of young dancers who express their experience as black women by combining dance and slam poetry.

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