2018 – 2020      Brussels-Capital Region

The (previous) Brussels government decided in 2016 to purchase 43 new metro carriages. On 18 January 2018, these M7 carriages were presented.
A full-scale model was inaugurated during the #WeAreMobility salon at the Heysel and is still shown in the tram museum. The new carriages are more modern and comfortable than the current ones and can carry even more passengers. They also have more space for persons with reduced mobility, prams and bicycles. 

The M7 was developed by the famous designer Axel Enthoven and the Brusselers themselves were involved in choosing its colour. STIB-passengers in metro station Albert were introduced to a bronze and silver look and were invited to vote on a website. No less than 7,500 Brusselers took part in the vote. In the end, it was the silver look that won the most votes.

Vanaf 2021 rijden de nieuwe metrostellen op het metronet op de lijnen 1 en 5. Hierdoor kunnen we de frequentie op deze lijnen verhogen naar een metro om de twee minuten tijdens de spitsuren. Ook de frequentie op de lijnen 2 en 6 zal de komende jaren verhogen, naar een metro om de 2,5 minuten tijdens de spitsuren.

As from 2023, these carriages will also run on the new metro line 3 between North station and Albert.

This is not the first time that we buy new metro carriages. In 2007, the Brussels government ordered 21 BOA carriages, modern metros that were introduced in Brussels two years later. The purchase of the BOA’s marked the beginning of the modernisation of the Brussels metro.