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Flemish Community Commission invests 500,000 euros in six Brussels sports clubs

Flemish Community Commission invests 500,000 euros in six Brussels sports clubs

“We want to encourage as many children and young people to get into sport. Our clubs clearly indicated what was needed to achieve this. We invest in our young people, which means we also invest in the future. We give our sports clubs leeway to grow in their social and sports ambitions,” said VGC college member for Sport and Youth Pascal Smet. 

The college of the Flemish Community Commission VGC has decided to structurally support the six Brussels sports clubs Aquatix BXL, Atlemo, BBJJA, Dino Brussels, Molenbeek Rebels and RWDM Girls. The big clubs and their volunteers were under pressure because their activities had been exceeding the unilateral sports offer for several years. This decision gives the clubs breathing space to further develop their social role and to professionalise.

During the previous term of office, there were already several pilot projects with grants for professionals within youth organisations or sports service employees who provide support to clubs. A budget of 325,000 euros has been allocated to this end.

These pilot projects made clear that a more sustainable framework was needed to achieve this professionalisation. Therefore, a regulation for the professionalisation of sports clubs was approved in 2021. Clubs with at least 50 youth members and at least 1,000 training hours can apply for additional resources.

Last month the VGC finally selected six covenants. An internal and external jury evaluated all clubs who submitted an application. They all receive an additional incentive and can thus have a fresh start to consolidate their activities. Their mission is to develop a sports offer, empower their members and work actively on poverty and inclusion and on the sustainability of their organisation.

Clubs can use these funds to appoint a youth sports coordinator with a broad and challenging profile. A profile that we believe can lift clubs to a higher level, ranging from the practical organisation of training sessions to the search for volunteers and from enhancing the sport-technical quality to developing an integrity policy in function of the mental well-being of all members. In addition, these clubs are now also considered priority partners of the VGC and will contribute to organising additional sports camps. Brussels families are very much in demand for this.

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