One step closer to the redevelopment of Schuman Square

More plants and trees in Schuman project

More plants and trees in Schuman project

Another important step towards the Schuman square redevelopment has been taken. The consultation committee, in which anyone can comment on urban development projects, has issued a favourable advice with conditions.

The urban planning administration has decided to follow this advice and has prepared an article 191, in consultation with Brussels Mobility, in which some modifications to the proposed project are requested. Only after these modifications, will deliver a definitive building permit. The modified project will provide more space for plants and trees.

“The redevelopment of the Schuman square shows great ambition. To achieve the redesign of one of the most important squares of our city, in the heart of the European Quarter, we organised an international architecture competition. The Danish firm COBE, in cooperation with their Brussels colleagues of Brut, has won this competition in December 2017,” explains Pascal Smet.
“I have always said that the project would be improved if possible. We have listened carefully to all comments during the consultation committee. After this, my administration, and the building permit applicant, Brussels Mobility, have decided to adjust the project via article 191. We aim to include more plants and trees. To achieve this, certain areas will be raised due to a lack of space under the ground. This will be done with respect for the original design and the safety requirements. I am truly pleased that we are taking this important next step, because this project is extremely important for the atmosphere and image of the European district,” concludes Pascal Smet.

“The consultation and collective intelligence have been effective and I am happy about that,” says Elke Van den Brandt, Minister of Mobility and Public Works. "The project now offers a greener, more welcoming square that offers more safety for cyclists and pedestrians and better accessibility for persons with reduced mobility. In this way, the square can fulfil its role as the heart of Europe and at the same time provide a friendly, pleasant atmosphere for locals.”

Brussels Mobility will therefore adapt its plans in order to provide more plants, taking into account the underground restraints. The square will have more benches, which will turn it even more into a pleasant place to hang around. As regards mobility, one-way traffic between Cortenbergh and Petite Rue de la Loi will have to be reversed in order to better manage the car flow and to connect a two-way cycle path to Avenue de la Renaissance.

Access to the central area for persons with reduced mobility and guidance for the visually impaired must be ensured. To ensure the comfortable passage of cyclists and pedestrians, the positioning of some safety bollards will also be reviewed.

After having adapted the plan to the conditions and after having obtained the permit, the preparations for the works can begin. The works will be carried out by Beliris.

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