Brussels Dutch-language libraries all-out for cooperation: towards the same library rules

Same rates and time limits from September 2023 onwards

Same rates and time limits from September 2023 onwards

“Corona reminded us that libraries are essential basic services in society. It is therefore logical that membership and borrowing or reserving library items are free. We ensure easy access to the library and a transparent service with equal rates and time limits. This way we want to encourage as many Brusselers to enjoy a good read,” said VGC college member Pascal Smet.

In order to cooperate better, all Brussels Dutch-language libraries will be introducing new, common library regulations. This means that Brusselers will be able to borrow books in all Dutch-language libraries and at Muntpunt under the same conditions. The most important change is that annual membership in the libraries and at Muntpunt will be free for everyone. You will be able to borrow 15 items in each library for a period of 3 weeks. Those with overdue items will have to pay a charge of 0.05 euros per day. 

The regional library cooperation is the foundation for closer cooperation. The libraries jointly organise activities and campaigns such as “Jeugdboekenmaand” (Youth Book Month), 1 city, 19 books. They better match their collections and see opportunities to expand their services in the future, such as borrowing books elsewhere, returning them and settling charges.

The Brussels libraries already have a single membership card for over 15 years, which you can use in all libraries. By introducing the same rates, deadlines and numbers, the libraries finally offer their users what they deserve: one Brussels membership card and equal conditions. The Dutch-speaking aldermen agreed to submit the regional regulations to their local administrations. This week, the City of Brussels, Anderlecht, Schaerbeek and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre are putting it on the agenda of their councils. So, there can indeed be good cooperation in this city to serve all Brusselers. 

The regional regulations will be implemented in September 2023.

"We worked hard and well together to make these unified library regulations possible for the benefit of all Brusselers in our city. The greater identity, the better service and the stronger network are also in the interest of the local libraries. Therefore we are committed to present these regional regulations to the local governments,” said the aldermen for the Dutch-language libraries: Adelheid Byttebier, Ans Persoons, Daniel Soumillion, Elke Roex, Els Gossé, Esmeralda Van Den Bosch, Frank Van Bockstal, Gloria Garcia-Fernandez, Helmut De Vos, Joris Poschet, Jos Raymenants, Katia Van Den Broucke, Lieve Jorens, Lydia Desloover, Marie Bijnens, Marina Dehing, Martine Raets, Perrine Ledan and Xavier Liénart.

“The unified regional regulations are an important step in attracting even more Brusselers to the network of Dutch-language libraries. In all its diversity, this network is writing an ever stronger, more recognizable and inclusive story. A network we are happy to be part of,” said Roel Leemans, managing director of Muntpunt.

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